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CT Healthy Start

August 19th, 2015

The CT Healthy Start program is a voluntary program that is offered free of charge to families seeking health care insurance, connection to health care providers and referrals to community resources. Healthy Start assistance is funded by the CT Department of Social Services. Healthy Start insurance is available at 185% of poverty level, so a single mom can earn up to $1,979.50 per month to be eligible. To determine your eligibility based on your poverty level, please visit the site.

Through this program clients can fill out a HUSKY A application assisted by an outreach worker who will process the application through the State of CT Department of Social Services (DSS). Walk-ins are permitted but for your convenience we recommend making an appointment.

How to make an appointment?

Call Cristina Rodriguez, Healthy Start worker at (860) 757-4817 to determine your eligibility and to schedule an intake appointment.

What to bring on first visit for your intake appointment.

Please bring the following information: Birth certificate, drivers’ license, social security card, proof of pregnancy, income verification, non income verification, proof of residence, medical insurance documentation if applicable and green card if applicable

Federal Healthy Start

In addition to the CT Healthy Start program, we also offer the Federal Healthy Start program. The mission of this program is to address health disparities associated with low birth-weight and infant mortality in Hartford, CT.

For more information about the CT Healthy Start program or the Federal Healthy Start program, please call the Maternal & Child Health Division’s at (860) 757-4820.

This information was originally published on City of Hartford Dept. of Health and Human Services.