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Healthcare Reform

Conn. Seeks Health Data Encryption Policy

Following the massive Anthem data breach earlier this month, some Connecticut lawmakers hope to create a new health data encryption policy to better protect consumer information. That state’s Senate Democratic leaders want Connecticut health insurers to be required to encrypt all personal information records that they are responsible for storing. Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff… read full article

Connecticut Children’s Gets Extra $10M from State to Shore up Finances

A state committee led by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy approved an additional $10 million payment to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to help stem the care provider’s operating deficiencies. The Finance Advisory Committee approved the payment from the state’s Medicaid account, increasing the Hartford hospital’s state funding this year to $25.5 million. It also increases the… read full article

Access Health CT Launches App Aimed at Simplifying Insurance Registration

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The state is hoping a new smartphone app can make registering for health insurance less time consuming and confusing. The healthcare exchange aims to take the guessing out of the process. “In order to stay healthy, I need health insurance,” said Edith Williams, of New Britain. “Financially, insurance helps out.” Williams… read full article

ConnectiCare Leads the Pack in New Obamacare Enrollment

ConnectiCare Benefits Inc. has the largest share of the market so far among new customers signing up for insurance coverage through Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT. So far, 19,402 new customers have signed up for plans through the exchange. Of those, 44 percent selected ConnectiCare, while 31 percent chose plans offered by Anthem… read full article

Access Health CT Expands Enrollment Assistance

The Connecticut public health insurance marketplace expanded its in-person assistance presence in time for the second open enrollment cycle. Access Health CT, which administers the marketplace, aims to enroll 70,000 new individuals by the end of the present enrollment period. As of Nov. 20, there were 11,604 new enrollees. While Access Health CT maintained two… read full article

CT Nabs $45M Healthcare Innovation Grant

The federal government has awarded $45 million to Connecticut to experiment with how it delivers Medicare and Medicaid services to state residents. The so-called State Innovation Model (SIM) grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stems from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. A total of 34 states are receiving the grants,… read full article

30,000 Connecticut Residents Could Lose Health Insurance

Some 30,000 Connecticut residents are at immediate risk of losing their health care coverage, according to officials with Access Health CT. The reason is simple: None of them provided accurate or up-to-date income information that dictates the amount in subsidies for which they could qualify in order to help to cover the costs of coverage…. read full article

Grant Will Bolster Health Assister Program

When people never before had health insurance, it can seem like a foreign language. To help bridge that information gap, last year the federal government funded in-person assisters whose job it was to walk people through enrolling in the health insurance exchanges set up around the country as part of the Affordable Care Act. But… read full article

Hospitals Required to Tell Patients of Observation Care Status

A new state law requires Connecticut hospitals to tell all patients when they are being kept in the hospital for observation instead of being admitted and to warn them about the financial consequences. Anyone who goes to the hospital can be placed on observation status, so that doctors can determine what’s wrong, and decide whether… read full article

Big Decision Facing Small Businesses on Health Insurance

Eric Nelson, who owns 11 Subway restaurants that employ more than 100 people, will have to start offering health benefits to his hourly workers or face the possibility of tax penalties under the Affordable Care Act. Nelson will have to offer insurance to about 30 of his employees next year, based on how many typically… read full article