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  • Hospitalization Insurance for Families

    Typically, hospitalization insurance or hospital indemnity insurance provides some coverage during hospital stays. Although some companies require the patient to meet a deductible before the hospitalization health insurance begins payment, hospitalization insurance can provide financial support for a large percentage of hospitalization costs.

    Some hospitalization insurance coverage may include:

    • Room and board during hospital stay
    • Hospital supplies
    • Inpatient psychiatrist
    • Medical, surgical and anesthetic services
    • Maternity and childbirth
    • X-rays and laboratory fees
    • Ambulance
    • Dental care as a result of an accident
    • Inpatient physiotherapy
    • Emergency treatment
    • Some drugs
    • Surgery

    Most insurance companies have a maximum pay limit for their hospitalization insurance for services such as room and board, surgery expenses, drugs, nursing care and time spent in hospital. Hospitalization health insurance can sometimes have separate limits for each type of coverage and, consequently, separate deductibles for the patient.

    Though hospitalization insurance can sometimes be a part of existing health insurance coverage, it is not always guaranteed. Some insurance companies require that a patient contact the company prior to admittance to confirm that hospitalization is necessary and hospitalization insurance can be used. If such contact is not made, hospital bills may not be covered by hospitalization health insurance. Hospitalization health and medical insurance can be purchased as a separate plan through various companies.1

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