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  • Group Health Insurance

    Group health insurance can be provided through both small and large businesses or organizations to employees or members of associations or unions and their families. The term is usually used to distinguish this kind of health insurance plan from individual health insurance plans. With group health insurance, the employer typically takes responsibility for a significant portion of the health care expenses

    Enrollment is usually easy in a group plan and free of many of the restrictions that apply to individuals insurance. Because groups can use their relative size to negotiate better benefits, employer-sponsored plans typically are able to include a broader range of options than individual plans offer. Many have a choice of HMO or PPO plans with the option to purchase insurance for dental, life, short- and long-term disability.1

    Group Health Insurance is categorized by size of business – Large Business Group Health Insurance and Small Business Group Health Insurance.

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    1Health Insurance Resource Center, "Group health insurance: Appeal of employer-sponsored plans is obvious"