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    Almost 160 million Americans are covered by their employer, making it the leading source of health insurance in the U.S.1

    As of 2015, most, 52%, are enrolled in Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), while Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) cover 14%, Point-of-Service Plans (POS) cover 10%,
    Health Savings Accounts (also called High-Deductible Health Plans) cover 24%, and indemnity plans make up 1%.

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    As an employer, it is important to know whether you are considered a small business or large business – there are certain advantages and considerations that apply to both. Beginning in 2016, small businesses are categorized as those with fewer than 50 employees. Large businesses have over 50 employees.

    I am a small business employer with 50 or fewer employees.

    I am a large business employer with over 50 employees.

    1The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, "Employer Health Benefits: 2015 Summary of Findings"