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DPH Supports Breastfeeding because Breastfeeding Supports Health

It is well documented that breastfeeding has numerous benefits to both mother and child. For this reason the Department is working to both increase the number of women that choose to or initiate breastfeeding as well as reducing the barriers in the environment that cause women to stop breastfeeding before they are ready. Through a… read full article

More Women Getting Breast Screenings Under Medicaid Expansion

If you’re a low-income woman, you’re more likely to get screened for breast cancer if you live in a state that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act than in a state that didn’t. According to new research, low-income women who lived in a handful of early-adopter states that implemented Medicaid expansion by 2011 were… read full article

Get Your Well-Woman Visit Every Year

The Basics Schedule your well-woman visit with a doctor or nurse every year. The well-woman visit is an important way to help you stay healthy. Well-woman visits include a full checkup, separate from any other visit for sickness or injury. These visits focus on preventive care for women, which may include: Services, like shots, that… read full article

Could Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs Hurt a Flu Shot’s Effect?

A popular cholesterol-lowering drug, taken by about 28 percent of U.S. adults over 40 and 48 percent of those over 75, may interfere with the effectiveness of flu vaccines, researchers report. Two studies find that statin drugs may reduce the body’s immune response to the vaccine in older people, who already have a lowered immune… read full article

Stay healthy this flu season with free preventive health services from the Marketplace

Flu season is here, and getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family from this potentially serious disease. If you’re covered by a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you and your family can get free flu shots from a doctor or other provider in your plan’s network…. read full article

Trip to Dentist Can Help Detect Oral Cancer Early

Ask most doctors and they’ll tell you that your mouth is really the foundation of your entire health, so oral cancer screenings are a main reason that you shouldn’t skip your next trip to the dentist. Dr. Bryan Wilson, of Contemporary General Dentistry, said checking for oral cancer, among other mouth diseases, is part of… read full article

Making a Difference for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Just recently, Secretary Burwell met with the leadership of the United Farm Workers and Farmworker Justice. There is so much we can learn from these leaders today, and from their predecessors. In 1970, fresh from successfully organizing grape farmworkers, the charismatic chair of the new United Farm Workers Organizing Committee drove hurriedly from San Jose,… read full article

‘Consumer-driven’ health plans continue to gain ground in CT

It appears high-deductible health plans are here to stay. Since 2008, enrollment in so-called “consumer-driven” plans has grown 10 percent per year in Connecticut as companies have felt the pinch of higher healthcare costs. As of last year, the number of Connecticut workers enrolled in high-deductible plans, as defined by the IRS, reached 264,219, according… read full article

State Residents Not Using Free Preventive Care, Worried About Costs, Survey Finds

A 50-year-old woman in Windsor, hadn’t seen a primary care doctor in years when she decided to go for a physical this summer. She didn’t ask about preventive care screenings, such as a mammogram or Pap test, in part because she worried they might involve an insurance co-pay or deductible. Her household income is below… read full article

Early Childhood Health Targeted As Path To Better Education

Experts are focusing more money and attention on the health of young children in Connecticut in an effort to prepare them to be successful in school later on. The efforts include developmental screenings at child care centers, home visits and information hotlines for parents, better collaboration with pediatricians and more support for preschool staff members… read full article