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    Agents and Brokers are collectively known as “Producers” in the health insurance industry. In both cases, they are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Insurance.



    An insurance agent is a person who is authorized by one or more insurance companies to act on their behalf to negotiate, sell, and service managed-care contracts. Acting on behalf of the insurer, they solicit and facilitate the sale of insurance contracts or policies and provide services to policyholders.

    In Connecticut, Insurance Agents are required to be licensed and approved by the Connecticut State Board of Insurance as well as take part in ongoing certification to retain their license. This means consumers have the confidence they are dealing with representatives who have an extensive understanding of the policies and rules affecting their policies, plans and kinds of insurance.


    A broker is licensed by the State of Connecticut to sell and service contracts of multiple health plans or insurers and usually health insurance applicants with a health insurance company, plan or policy that best matches organizations, groups or individual needs. Although usually paid a commission by the insurance company, the broker represents the applicant rather than the insurance company itself.1

    Before purchasing insurance, consumers should verify that the insurance company and the person or agency selling insurance is authorized to do so in Connecticut. To verify that your agent is licensed, go to the Connecticut Licensing Info Center (CLIC).2

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