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    The Bill

    House Bill 5002 passed the Senate on 4/21/10 in concurrence with the House and was signed into law by the Governor. Effective July 1, 2010, there is established a program which shall be known as the “Connecticut Clearinghouse,” to be administered by the Health Reinsurance Association established in section 38a-556 of the general statutes, through which individuals and small employers may obtain information about available health insurance policies and health care plans.

    Health Reinsurance Association

    The CT Health Channel website is administered and sponsored by Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut, a non-profit association which was created by the state of Connecticut in 1976 to assist in providing health coverage to the uninsured. CT Health Channel offers a wide range of information aimed to educate Individuals, Families, and Small Business Employers who reside in Connecticut.


      PLEASE NOTE: The Health Reinsurance Association makes every effort to ensure that information on the CT Health Channel site is current and accurate. It cannot, however, be responsible for the accuracy of information provided by insurance carriers and other outside firms and organizations. Additionally, because we are providing general insurance information, when considering the purchase of health insurance, you should contact the insurance company or your insurance producer for costs and complete coverage details including, exclusions, limitations and termination provisions.