Under the Affordable Care Act, Connecticut has expanded its Medicaid program, with the biggest change impacting adults ages 19 up to 65.  The maximum income level to qualify for this part of Medicaid (HUSKY D) is rising from about 56% to 138% of the federal poverty level. The annual income is $16,105 a year for 1 person or $32,913 for a family of 4.  If you make more than this amount, you may be able to buy an insurance plan in the Marketplace ( that may lower your out of pocket costs depending on your family size and income.

The Affordable Care Act also changes how children and families qualify for other parts of Medicaid/HUSKY Health. This change affects HUSKY A (Medicaid for children, parents, relative caregivers and pregnant women); and HUSKY B (non-Medicaid Childrenís Health Insurance Program for children and teens under age 19).  For example:

You can find out whether you qualify for Medicaid by contacting the Connecticut Medicaid Office or by  filling out an application for coverage in the health insurance marketplace,
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